Proof that British Music is Amazing

British artists have always made waves when it came to the music industry. Some of the most popular and most-loved artists in the world, are Brittan’s. There are so many great ones, so it was difficult to choose only a few. Here are the greatest artists and historical events that prove British music is the best.

Adele’s album “21” has gone platinum 10 times. Yes, she is British and yes, that was 10 times. This album was certified ‘Diamond’ by the RIAA. It spent more than 80 weeks on the Billboard top 10.

The Rolling Stones. We don’t think that actually requires an explanation. The Rolling Stones has made history repeatedly and is still loved by people all over the world. They will live forever.

The Beatles. People are saying that One Direction is the new Beatles. Well, we can live with that. The Beatles is another band that created history, was a part of it, and changed the world and the lives of so many people through their music. Even the younger generations of the 2000s have heard of the Beatles.

British music acts earn a lot. Global earnings by the UK music acts have grown with more than 250% since 1999. The royalties they are receiving from across the world has doubled.

We tend to take over the VMAs. Just think Ellie Goulding, One Direction, Mumford and Sons, Ed Sheeran, Calvin Harris…the list continues.

The greatest guitarist in the world. Well, OK, one of the top 2 greatest guitarists in the world. Of course, we are talking about Eric Clapton. This great artist has been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame three times and he has 18 Grammy Award trophies. Eric Clapton is truly one of the greatest musicians that the world has ever seen.

David Bowie. The Who. Elton John. OK, now we are just throwing around names, but they are all so fantastic and talented that we can’t help it. There is no denying that Britain has produced some of the best musicians in the world. All of which will live on for eternity through their music – the new ones and the older ones.

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