Our Music

Pale Saints is a British band that plays music that falls into the indie pop, dream pop, and shoegazing genres. We have had a few studio albums and several singles. We also completed hundreds of tours across the UK. We love our fellow Brits and have collaborated with many of them. Here is a short summary of our music.

Our Music

Studio Albums

  • Madness is Comfortable – 1992
  • Ribbons and Balloons – 1993
  • Children of the Madness – 1994
  • Buildings – 1995


  • Breaking me – 1992
  • The Presence of God – 1993
  • Spoken Colours – 1993
  • Purpose – 1994
  • Listen to the Grass – 1994
  • Epic Fail – 1995
  • Apples and Crazy – 1995
  • Find my Friends – 1995
  • Angel – 1996


Pale Saints shot several music videos of songs from all 4 of their studio albums. You can go to YouTube to see some of these.


Pale Saints enjoyed collaborating with other artists and was featured on several compilation albums. They are also featured in many collaborations on other artists’ albums.


Pale Saints toured the UK at least once every 2 years in the last 20 years. The tours were never exactly the same and the Pale Saints covered all the big and small cities in all the major countries in the UK.

We, Pale Saints, have had a lot of fun making our music and allowing the world to share our innermost crazy and sad. We will continue making great music for as long as we can. We put our hearts and souls into every song, every lyric, and every album.