6 Steps to Start Your Own Awesome Band

Starting a band doesn’t necessarily have to be a serious thing. There are many bands that just play for the love of music and who have no interest in being famous. However, most bands start with the purpose of becoming famous and having people hear and love their music. If you think you have the talent to make great music, you should start your own band. Here’s how.

Step 1: Find Band Members

To start your band, you need musicians. If you have friends who want to play and can play, start there. If you need to search a bit further from home, advertise in cafes, on social media, and browse sites like Bandmix. You obviously need to know what you are looking for: a guitarist, a pianist, a bassist, a singer?

Step 2: Choose Your Genre

Once you have everyone together, you can decide together which genre you want to play. Chances are that you guys will have to mix a few genres or create your own sound altogether. Play a few songs and see how it feels. Do a few covers to test your style and play around to discover your unique sound.

Step 3: Establish Your Style and Audience

Now that you have your genre, you can decide what look you want to have. Your target audience will influence the type of clothes you wear, etc. Again, play around with a few looks until you find what looks and feels right.

Step 4: Get Everyone Committed

Draw up a contract or band agreement in which all the members commit themselves to practice times and the band in general. If a member is not committed and ready to put in what is necessary, you will soon find yourself with big problems.

Step 5: Get a Band Name and Practice Space

Decide on a band name and find a space where you can practice. Then start practicing as much as you can. Start writing songs and rehearsing them until you know them inside out.

Step 6: Find gigs and make a demo

Start asking clubs, restaurants, etc. if you can play there. Build momentum and start making a name for yourselves. When you get the money, record a demo.

Get ready for fame, flashing lights, and lots of hard work and fun!