We are Pale Saints. We are a British band from Leeds, England that has been going for many years. Our music genres include dream pop, indie pop, and shoegazing. We absolutely love making music and being able to make music that speaks to our fans. Music is our life.

Our band members are Ian Cooper, Browne Smith, Chris Masters, Muriel Jones, and James Ashley. We have been on hundreds of tours across the UK. British music is the best and we draw inspiration from the greats like The Beatles and David Bowie. Our music is influenced by styles and artists from all over which gives us a unique sound.

Pale Saints was started as a garage band where we stayed for about 4 years. We played small gigs around town but decided it was time to make a change. We gathered all the money we could get and made our first demo. As they say, the rest was history. The record company loved our music and immediately signed us. A few months later we were on our first tour.

It has been our dream since day one to touch people with our music. We hope that our music helps you through a hard day at work or a bad break up. We hope you get inspired and get back up after listening to our songs. That is our ultimate goal.